"These are amazing. Thank you so much for documenting our special day. These will help us to remember everything for a long, long time to come!"

I knew as soon as we had our first cuppa together that I was going to be in for a visual treat with this wedding.  Both Jen and Dan come from a theatrical background and had decided that they were going to stage a show to be remembered!  As we left 2019 and leapt into 2020 they had fallen upon the perfect theme - a fabulous Gatsby-esque 1920s party thrown at the gorgeous Mill Barns in Alveley.

Every last detail had been considered and there were 1920's touches absolutely everywhere including record players with old vinyl discs and mirrored signage, displaying table plans and identifying which 'Act' of the day we were in currently!  They'd decided to have bubbles as they walked down the aisle instead of confetti and their Brother in law had made a photo frame/booth from old scenery. The table decor was glamorous but tasteful with gold accessories and instead of one large cake they had the biggest cake table I have ever seen thanks to The Reading Rooms in Pelsall.

Music is a big part of their lives so they had three live acts; the first a Jazz band, then after the ceremony a fabulous vintage singer Jayne Darling and lastly the super The Trip Band to finish off the evening.

However just before we boogied the night away the couple staged their first dance in the main hallway - a choreagraphed number a la Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers!  Then just before the curtain closed on their final act of the night one by one the guests started dancing the Charleston as a flash mob event!  The Groom didn't have the foggiest idea it what was going on - and it brought the house down! 

It was an amazing day, completely their own and just the way they planned it.  Like most wedding days it whizzed past in the blink of an eye and one thing Jen said to me really struck home;

The one thing we agreed on before the day was that we would aim to be together as much as we could through the whole day.... That way we could make sure we saw everything together and didn't get to the end of the night realising we had not spent more than the time in the ceremony together! There were a couple of points where we just walked away from the crowd and watched everyone partying from a distance - they are some of the most powerful memories of the day, those few minutes we took to take it all in!
Remember - Your day, your way x
As always the devil is in the detail, here are a few of their suppliers...
Cape - Vintage from Jen's Great Aunt
Shoes - Joe Browns
Flowers - A friend at Dan's work
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