Can't wait for this pair's big day!  We caught up on one of the crisp winter mornings we've had recently for a wander around Sutton Park and an engagement shoot.

I’m often asked what an engagement shoot is and I'd say it's a chance for us to get to know each other better, maybe go for a cuppa, have a giggle and get some fabulous photos to boot!

On your actual wedding day, you will be seeing a fair bit of me - dashing around with a couple of cameras, various lenses and possibly a step ladder - so spending some time getting to know each other and practising having a camera following you is no bad thing!

I tend not to pose you too much, but having directed and produced tv presenters and contributors in a previous life, its easy to make a few suggestions, talk you through ways of hugging and chatting to each other that keep you relaxed and get you in the best light and angles.  I will also make sure that it's fun and find ways of making you laugh - even if, as with Jess and Luke, this means managing to find the one bit of dog mess to step in repeatedly!

Remember, it doesn’t just have to be just the two of you for this photo shoot though, if you have kids - bring them along, pets that are special - come join the action!  As long as we get a chance to get some shots of the two of you looking happy and in love, thats just perfect.

Location wise, I am happy to make suggestions or to go somewhere that's special to you as a couple or family.

As for what to wear, wear whatever you like, as long as you are comfortable.  I've photographed couples in everything from 6 inch heels, dresses and suits to shorts and t-shirts.  If we're heading to a park though, maybe bring sensible footwear to walk between shots as you don't want to be twisting an ankle before the big day! 

If you fancy an engagement shoot as a warm up before your wedding day - drop me a line and let's chat.  I offer them as part of my wedding packages or am happy to do a separate bespoke ones. x

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