"We had a great time with Kate recently. She made us feel at ease and captured us in an amazing way documenting our crazy new world with our two girls. We are super impressed with the photos and can’t wait to share them with friends and family. Great work Kate xx"


Recently I've been asked what to expect when you book me!  So here's a little insight...

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with Rose and her family.  They had booked me for a documentary session which means I come and hang out with you for 3 or 4 hours, depending how everyone feels (especially the littlies)

We decided to start earlyish - because of little people getting tired and needing naps.  I arrived and we had a cuppa and got to know one another. 

I rarely dive straight in and take photos, unless I can tell everyone has warmed to me immediately - or we've met before.  I like us all to warm up a bit. Turns out Ruby, like me, loves books and letters! 

We went upstairs to have a look at Ruby's bedroom and on the way stopped for an impromptu family shot on the stairwell. 

We decided to have a little snack then.  It's good to make sure everyone is fed and watered and that things to nibble on are readily available .....cos don't we all get a little hangry now and then! 

Ruby had a little downtime in her cot.  Rose read her favourite stories to her and we left Ruby to chill for a bit, leaving me a bit of time with Rose and baby Grace.

We then decided to hit the park, despite the rain!  Never be put off by bad weather - honestly rain can make for some of the best photos. The colours really 'pop' once drenched in a little damp English drizzle.  The light is often softer and as long as we're not drowning like rats it can be quite fun and.... more importantly real! However, if it's hideous we can obviously always postpone!

The real beauty and importance of these sessions is keeping it real.  The idea is to do things, that you would do as a family.  Capture the real times for keepsakes in the future.

If you're not sure what we could photograph together drop me a line and we can chat over email before you book.  I have some guides I can send out that give lots of ideas of places and things we can do together, but you might already have ideas of your own...

Occasionally people say that they are worried their little ones won't perform for me or the camera.  My advice - don't worry!  My old career was as a television director and I have over 16 years (!) experience of getting people to open up for television cameras.  I have lots of sneaky tricks up my sleeve that you probably won't even notice until you see the finished product!

But don't just take my word for it - check out my website for reviews:

If you'd like me to come and document your family drop me a line - I can't wait to meet your family and capture your little ones before they get any bigger!


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