As you can well imagine being a wedding photographer generally means that your weekends are gone for most of the summer, but I've noticed a theme appearing in my diary for this year and next... Thursdays, Fridays and even Monday's and Tuesdays are being booked up. 

And why the heck not?! It's a fantabulous way of stretching the weekend or starting your week off with a bang! Incase you were wondering about the if's and buts, here's my list of positives for couples thinking about a weekday wedding;

It's an easier way of getting married in the venue you want in the year you'd like...rather than waiting 3 years for that weekend in July or August!

You will get the pick of your fave suppliers - photographers, cake makers, bands, Dj's, florists - it's still unusual enough for most of these to be free even months before your date if you're having a week day wedding.

Much easier for two location weddings - traffic can be a lot lighter travelling from Church to venue midweek.

shhh - don't tell anyone, but you might get a discount or a free engagement session from your photographer ;)

Jenny and Mark are getting married at Acton Trussell in one of my favourite Staffordshire venues this coming Thursday, so we met up last month for a getting-to-know-each-other engagement session.  If you click on the image below you can scroll through the images x

Mark and Jenny
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