"OMG so amazing! Of course we cried! That has totally made my week ...(after wedding, it's made my whole month, year even!!)  Whilst we've seen lots of snaps of the wedding, you've captured the emotion and the feeling of the wedding somehow. You're worth your weight in gold"


I have an admission to make with this wedding.  I know Danielle.  We met when we both had babies.  Mine was my first and I was probably freaking out big time - Danielle's was her second and she was way more laid back.  Actually for complete disclosure; I gatecrashed my friends post natal baby group cos I realised hers was way much more fun than mine! We hung out at a few toddler group sessions, but did far MORE wine, beer and nights out!

As often happens with busy lives, we lost touch.  When I bumped into her about a year ago, she told me she was getting married and I told her I'd moved into photography full time.  I could tell she was cautious.  It's hard picking a photographer - entrusting someone to be with you for the large part of your day is bound to be tough...sometimes it's even harder trusting someone you know to take your wedding pictures - I'm right aren't I? Well, you can't turn round and complain with as much force if you have history! ...that's why her words above mean so much to me!

For me emotion is exactly why I like to get to know all of my Brides and Grooms before I photograph them.  I don't need to move in! ;) But I want to connect with them, understand what makes them tick and make sure they're relaxed with me enough for me to get great photos soaked with feeling.  I have a pretty good intuition or sixth sense, but if we meet for a cuppa and then correspond or chat in the run up to the wedding I am far more likely to know which moments I need to capture and where I need to be at all times on your special day!  I tell stories.  It's what I do.  I am a story teller and I want to make sure I can fill your images with buckets of emotion whatever that may be!

This wedding was oozing with joy.  We had a perfect day; starting at Lichfield Registry office, moving onto Aston Wood Golf Club and popping off to a sneaky location that I'd discovered and kept hidden from the couple until the last minute - look out for the field of daisies! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them  x

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danielle and mark
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