Me: "Would you like an engagement shoot?"

Gemma (emphatically): "NO!"

Andrew (quietly): "Yes..I think we should"

...and so a date was set.

Engagement shoots - I love them and will do anything to persuade a couple to take a stroll with me.

Why?  Simply because they are a great way for us to get to know each other better and for me to see what you do and don't like.  What makes you chuckle, what common interests we have and how I can make you relax in photos to ensure we get the most natural, best photos possible on your big day.

Andrew was right to insist we did the shoot - and I know Gemma enjoyed it far more than she thought she would!  Let's be honest - it's not normal to be trailed by a photographer so whatever we can all do to 'normalise' it and make sure we are all relaxed on this special day that you have spent £1000's on - the better!

This one was a real 'walk in the park' ....Kings Heath Park to give it it's correct name! Beautiful.  Don't take my word though - have a look!

gemma andrew and rosie
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