"We wanted an alternative to the typical 1st birthday photo shoots and wanted honest, true and natural photos of her and us as a family to document the day. . . and the results are stunning. We were slightly nervous about having someone taking photos of us on our little family day out but we need not have worried at all as we hardly noticed she was there really.
Honestly can not recommend or thank Kate enough. A true professional skilled in her line of work"

When Vicky messaged me and asked if I'd join them at Ash End house Farm for a birthday day out I leapt at the opportunity! This year it's my aim to shoot more documentary sessions with families and what a fabulous way to kick it all off.

A documentary session gives you the chance to enjoy your day with your little (or large) family and not reach for your phone to take snaps.  To be in the moment. 

It will capture your family as you really are. When your children are older the one thing they will want to see is images with you all in them! 

Yes it's lovely to see pictures of them sitting pertly side by side in matching jumpers...but what these shots can't capture is how you are as a family; the love in your glance, the way they hug you, how they look to you for reassurance, their utter joy at the little things and their tiny hands in yours. 

We could do something special like Vicky and her family did, or do a session at home - hanging out, baking, reading stories, craft, kick a football in the garden, head to the park - Your day - Your way.

So what are you waiting for?! Drop me a line and let's book you in for a session.  xx

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